Glenn Ross is running for Maryland House of Delegates District 45 as a Green Party Candidate

gr_portrait_andylaunch.jpgGlenn is a long-time community advocate with over 40 years of experience successfully working on behalf of the citizens of Baltimore. He has built and lead community organizations, fought powerful interests, and never backed down from what he stands for. Now he is taking that fight to the November election to challenge the Baltimore political machine that has put profits and party above the people's interests for as long as we can remember. It's time to put the people back in power in Annapolis!

Glenn knows about the power of building coalitions - he's done it before and seen it accomplish what people alone have been unable to do. Through this election he aims to build a lasting coalition for residents of the 45th District to make our community's elected leaders accountable to the people in a way they haven't been for a very long time. 



Glenn_Andy_walking.jpgThe first step in coalition building is finding partners, and Glenn's partner and friend in this election is his teammate and fellow Green Party candidate Steven "Andy" Ellis. Together they bring years of community experience, policy expertise, and proven leadership to the table. Look to the District 45 Green Team to change how things are done in East Baltimore.

Election Day is November 6 2018 

Early Voting October 25th- November 1st

About District 45

District 45 covers most of East and Northeast Baltimore, stretching all the way from central areas of the city to the county border.

Click here for a map of District 45.

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